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The city of Redge is the capital of Asalia, one of the kingdoms on Kambaria. From this city, Queen Ariana Milawere rules over her kingdom.

The city is home to about 80.000 individuals, of which 95% are human. The rest are mostly elves and dwarves, with a few halflings and gnomes as well.

The city is heavily fortified, and while the docks district itself is open to the sea, there is a wall separating this distric from the rest of the city.

In the northern end of the city we can find the royal palace, and immediately to the south of it are government way, a long street mostly dominated by various governmental buildings, as well as a compound belonging to the city guard.

To the south-west, we can find temple hill. This is a rather low hill as far as hills go, but large enough to elevate the temples above the rest of the city. On the top of the hill, there are large temples to each of the 5 gods. The temple to Kira is also serving as the central administration of their faith, making it the most holy temple of Kira on the continent.